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Why Become an USMILE Member?


  1. First pick on imported brands. Our team is dedicated to scouring the market for the latest finds, so that our members don't have to wait long to discover new and unique offerings.

  2. Membership means big savings. Thanks to USMILE's buying practices, members can take advantage of the best wholesale prices on the market and enjoy big savings with every purchase.

  3. Guaranteed high quality products. Member satisfaction is our top priority and, because of this, we offer only the world's most trusted brands, so that our customers may be assured that the products they buy are of exceptional quality.

  4. Everything you need is here. Keep your pantries stocked with goods from USMILE's wide selection of imported dairy products, fresh fish, meat, wines and spirits. When it comes to personal care, we’ve got you covered from food supplements to health and beauty products. Make your house into a home with the best items for household essentials, appliances and furniture.

  5. Unique brands. Did you know that there are imported brands that can only be found at USMILE? These include Kirkland Signature, Member's Selection and our very own house brand, Member's Value.

  6. Convenient shopping experience. We understand that time is money, so we make sure all our members enjoy as efficient a shopping experience as possible. At the USMILE branch nearest you, you'll find hassle-free parking, well stocked aisles and fast-moving check-out lines, from 9am to 6pm daily.

Our goal is to provide such great value that you will save your annual membership fee many times through out the year. The annual fee we collect from our members offset many of our operational costs, so we can keep our prices as low as possible. Many of our members save the amount of their membership fee in the first few trips to S&R. We are convinced that our Membership has great value because it allows our members to save all year round.

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